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We've been bulk opening Magic the Gathering Sets (MTG) for singles since Scars of Mirrodin -which was released October 1, 2010.

As an online and retail store we have been operating since 2007 (giftsforgeeks.org.uk & Tabletoptyrant.co.uk), but our Magic singles collection has grown so large we needed a fully dedicated website and team for it. Hence, in 2018 Tabletopcards was founded.

With over 100,000 MTG singles in stock Tabletop Cards is the home of Modern, Pioneer and Standard.

With over a decade of experince selling MTG you can trust us to get the product to you.

Here are some reviews (All 5 stars or over 99.5% positive) so you know to expect a quality product and service when dealing with us;

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In store we run 3 MTG events each week, YGO, Weisz and Dragonball Super. So if you fancy a game please come down.


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